Version: 14.3.02

If your multi-monitors-configuration isn't recognized by Windows, you can specify your monitor-configuration in Hardcopy.
(This is the case, if you don't use PCI-cards and no Windows XP, or ...)
If the configuration is recognized by Windows, this setting isn't required; then the input fields are disabled.

The following image shows the output after the function Test was executed.
(This show is finished by a mouseclick or keystroke.)

Green areas:
You don't see the green areas on your monitors. These are the areas, which result from the different size of the monitors.
If you can see a green area, you have made a mistake during the definition.

Red areas:
If you see a red area, you have made a mistake during the definition.

If you have defined a monitor with too much size, then Hardcopy isn't able to present during the test of the definition. In this case you find it out only, when an area is printed or showed black on the hardcopy or image respectively.

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