Settings Sets

Version: 14.5.00

About this function you are able to use the program Hardcopy with different settings.
From this all settings, which you can take in Hardcopy, are put to your disposal fourfold .

The 1st set contains the standard settings; with these settings Hardcopy is started.

If another set is selected, the settings are installed to basic setup during the 1st using after selection.
Then you can change the settings, for example about Settings Options.
These settings are stored during a variation to another set or when you terminate Hardcopy.

About Copy Set 1 you can copy the settings of the 1st set into the actually selected set.

About Reset you can reset a set to the basic adjustments.

As you can see in the following example, the selection can be transferred to command buttons in the toolbar. (About Settings Toolbar.)
The change to another set is possible then by a mouse click.

You may assign names to the settings sets about Settings Options Extra Settings.

The menu Settings-sets with changed names:

(The name of the set is shown in Tooltips also.)

About Settings Options Extra Settings new names can be assigned.

About Settings Toolbar the icons can be tracked to an existing toolbar or a new toolbar can be generated.

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