Version: 14.7.04


Enter the accounting informations under Settings Options:

If you want to transfer the actual image of the Hardcopy window, please use the menu "File".

If you want to generate an image with a keystroke or a mouseclick and transfer it per Ftp after that, please use "Settings Functions".

In this example the actual screen is saved automatically in the JPG-format with pressing of the PrtSc key and transferred per Ftp after that.

If you want to transfer one or several files (no matter what format) with the Windows Explorer per Ftp, install a shortcut to the program HcSendToFtp.exe in the directory SendTo.
Please take the procedure for installing a shortcut from the Windows help system.
Tip: a click with the right mouse button onto Start and selection of Explorer brings you very closely to the directory SendTo.

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