Mass Convert

With this function you can process all files of a directory.

Whether you would like, to change only the image format, or to bring the images onto the same size, or to decorate every image with a text, everything is possible !

You can transfer the result into another directory, or overwrite the available files.

The following window shows an example of a conversion:

In this example all files in the directory D:\Fotogalerie\CD were changed in the JPG-format, the output occurs in the directory D:\Fotogalerie\Internet\Normal.
Because the option Convert directory recursive is marked, all files of all subdirectories are processed also (Astro, Fauna, ...).
(If a subdirectory is not available in the target directory, it is generated.)

About the function Macro all Hardcopy-functions are on disposal to you.
An example: If you want to generate a preview from your photographs, so it offers, all the images to convert into the same (smaller) size and to compress a little, so that the memory requirements are not too high.

Last update: 10/23/2016 11:29:18