"RGB Merge": an Example with SBIG-Files

Version: 14.1.04

At first the display occurs with that values (background/contrast), with whom the images were saved originally.

For putting one image on top of the other exactly it is recommanded to adjust the background and the contrast right high and to select a strong extension.
In this example the background was adjusted to 75% and the contrast to 99%.

It is very easy to put the 3 images on top of the other.

A simple essential adjustment is possible with an assessment of the background.

The adjustment can occur now individually per color.
How you can see in the following example, the window can be set individually in size.

After that the "normal" Hardcopy functions can be used.

If the color image is saved in the JPG- or TIF- format for example, the image parameters are put on. (filter and exposure per color.)

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