Multi-Monitors Support

Version: 14.3.02

If you have joined some monitors, the fields "All monitors" and "This monitor" are put to your disposal about Settings Functions.
(if you have selected as function "Monitor" or "Rectangle".)

If none of these options is used, the actual monitor is used.
(That is the monitor, on which you can see the mouse cursor.)

If these options are deactivated at your system, your multi-monitor-configuration isn't recognized by your operating system.
For this case you can specify the configuration in Hardcopy.
Further informations about: Multi-monitors definition

In the following an example of "All monitors":
The first monitor includes the start bar, the standard-icons and a window of Outlook Express.
The second monitor includes both a "??Arbeitsplatz"-window and a search-result-window.

The same example, if the monitors are put on top of the other:

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